1903LM 19″ Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitor

03-Series Medical Grade
Touchscreen Monitors experiences for patients.


The Elo 03-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed for the Healthcare applications includes four sizes – a 19-inch square aspect ratio display and 22, 24 and 27-inch wide aspect ratio displays.

With a compact form factor and clean design for easy integration the 03-Series monitors are well-suited for point-of-sale, point of information, signage and hospitality applications. Additionally, the 03-Series complies with IEC60601-1 4th edition requirements and is IP54 certified to support healthcare installations.

Well-Suited for

The 03-Series Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitors offer flexibility for installation in a variety of healthcare environments — from exam rooms and lab clinics to patient check-in and pharmacy check out. Whether you need a touchscreen at a nurse’s station to enable support or as a directory to help patients and visitors get around the healthcare facility, the line of 03-Series monitors can support increased communication among patients and healthcare providers.*




Lab Clinic

Advanced Medical Grade IP67 Glass Keyboard

IP67 advanced medical grade waterproof glass keyboard. Easy clean of the entire unit.

Rugged design with tempered glass

Water and dust repellant allowing easy clean with minimal chance of contamination.

Integrated touchpad with numeric keypad

Dual functions extends usability and adapability

Tactile feel with configurable sound and vibration feedback

Excellent tactile sensation & typing comfort with adjustable sound & sensory feedback.


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