All-in-One  Mobile Cart

As more and more hospitals look for increased flexibility from their cart fleet, particularly when it comes to the ability to ‘Hot Swap’ batteries, we have seen a huge increase in the use of All In One PC’s.

By configuring our carts as an “All in One” concept, instead of simply mounting a hot swap PC onto a basic cart, we can effectively provide all the benefits seen by such a solution with none of the negatives.


Supports any screen size –

Our solutions are designed to provide users with complete flexibility when choosing monitors. We can supply monitors in medical or non-medical formats depending on the environment in which they are to be used and can be in any configuration from 19” through to 27” and beyond, even supporting dual screen options.

More often than not, the view presented to patients is of the rear of the cart. With this in mind, we have designed our cart to ensure full cable management is contained within the monitor post, ensuring the view of the cart for the patient is as clean and professional as possible.

Supports any Processing speed – 

As we have a separate processing unit built into the cart, we can provide an almost endless choice of PC specifications ranging from Celeron through to the latest Intel I7 chipsets.

As with Laptops, many All In One PC’s actually work in power save mode when on battery power to increase the run times which in turn reduces performance, often going into a hibernation state.

By powering the IT externally it will run the same as it would when plugged in ensuring you get the processing power you paid for!


    Medical Grade Battery Technology – 

    The system is configured using ‘state of the art’ medical grade EN-6060-1 compliant battery technology meaning we can provide a solution with ZERO battery replacement costs over the life of the cart (typically 5-7 years) while still maintaining acceptable run times.

    As all cell manufacturers calculate cycles differently, and usually in their own interests, it is misleading to compare them. Therefore, the only true measure is the levels of warranty provided based on time periods, not cycles.

    To make things simple, we GUARANTEE that the batteries are still at more than 80% after 3 years, and will still be providing acceptable usage after 5 years regardless of cycles!


      Support for third party hardware – 

      As our batteries are designed solely to be an external power source, we can comfortably provide power to third party devices such as label printers etc.


        User Flexibility – 

        If the only requirement is to take advantage of the flexibility of ‘Hot Swap’ batteries, then we can even configure the system to support the Hospital’s standard suite of IT hardware and still provide the benefit of true 24×7 hot swappable batteries. 


          Accessories And Bolt Ons

          Dispensing System

          Our unique dispensing system maximizes storage and minimizes floor space. This system is supported by our complete range of carts and can be supplied as a single drawer, through to a full tower.


          We can supply a range of infection control keyboards. Please contact us for more information.

          Work surfaces

          All of our carts can be supplied with a choice of work surface colours,

          Printer/scanner/Sharps Bin

          All of our carts share the same range of brackets for Printers, Scanners and Sharps Bins etc. Please contact us for more details.

          The power to make a difference!
          Kinetic Power is a modular medical grade battery system designed for use across the hospital environment. It can be fitted to new OR exiting computer carts, medical equipment, hospital beds or any other devices that could benefit from a modular standardized suite of battery solutions.

          Get in touch

          Each cart is tailored to the needs of the user, get in touch to talk through what you require and how we can help.


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