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Kinetic ID Carts



The ID-T cart can be configured with a wide range of tablet mounts, which Includes IPADS, Samsung, Huwai and Windows 10 models.


The housing itself completely secures the tablet and cables, and also allows for easy cleaning on a day to day basis.

It has also been designed so removing the tablet for deep cleaning is as simple as possible.


More and more often these carts are being used to facilitate ‘virtual’ visits. The ID-T cart is ideally suited to this due to its ability to tilt through 110 degrees, allowing the tablet to either point downwards to a patient or point up in kiosk mode.

Microphone positions are kept uncovered and the housing acts as an echo chamber, ensuring no sound loss either end when in use in environments that can suffer from background noise.

The cart can also be supplied with a wide range of accessories including scanner holder, sharps bin holder and waste bin etc.

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Each cart is tailored to the needs of the user...

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