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Kinetic ID Carts

The Kinetic Med Range of dispensing carts have been designed to ensure compromises need not be made when looking for a cart to house both medication and IT. The cart comes in multiple widths ensuring there is always enough storage space, and it is built around our market leading ‘Kinetic Power’ battery system which means no matter what the IT needs of the cart are, we can provide the power required.

All of our carts are available in both ‘fixed height’ and ‘variable height’. This allows each cart to be configured to minimise weight, minimise bending or maximise access depending on the required use case.

Kinetic MED Drawer.

Each cart comes with fully configurable drawers, each of which is supplied with dividers, including the deeper bottom drawer which has been designed specifically to house bottles securely and prevent spillages. Drawers can be removed easily for cleaning.

Kinetic MED lock.

One of the most important aspects of any cart is the locking option. We can supply a range of locking technology on the carts including Key, Pin Code and RFID etc. We are also able to integrate with many additional locking systems including Abloy Cliq.

Range of accessories also available.

Proud supplier to theNHS

Each cart is tailored to the needs of the user...

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