Case Studies

DB Schenker: Mobile Workstations

As a global leader in the air, land, sea freight and contract transport and logistics industry, DB Schenker is a company we are proud to list amongst our ever-expanding base of satisfied, high profile clients.

DB Schenker Ireland boasts world-class facilities in Dublin, Shannon and Cork; employing in excess of 170 permanent staff.

This Case Study has been provided by our sister company VisionID

The Challenge

Warehouse Operator, Wayne Morgan recognised that there were significant inefficiencies in the way in which pallets were received and recorded at his facility.

Protocol involved a manual process of physical movement of staff to the docking area, to collect and pack slips off the pallets, followed by arduous movements back to their workstations to input data and print labels, followed again by a long walk back to the pallet location to physically apply the label to the pallet.

One thing was clear, the employment of Mobile Workstations would end up saving employees time, increasing daily productivity and making more money for the company…which is why they came to us.

Key Features

The Solution

At the operator’s behest, the business made the initial inquiry for Mobile Workstations to Vision ID and were satisfied with a speedy response and a streamlined approach to implementation of the new system.

Preliminary work, with an aim to the thorough and seamless incorporation of vision ID’s Mobile Workstations into the company’s existing infrastructure, included:

  • A site survey
  • A product demo
  • A quotation
  • On-site staff training

The comprehensive, end-to-end solution recommended for DB Schenker was four Mobile Workstations, which were to include hardware, software and on-sire, professional training for the staff.

Now staff are able to bring their workstations with them to the pallet area, scan the items where they stand and print labels instantaneously, on the spot.

The Mobile Workstation then integrates all this information seamlessly and instantly into the company’s existing systems, minimising necessary effort and time spent at every turn.