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Janssen Biologics: Mobile Workstations

Janssen Biologics: Mobile Workstations

Modern service and manufacturing facilities are faced with an ever-increasing demand for a source of modular, mobile workstations that can not only be seamlessly incorporated into existing infrastructures, but that can also offer every aspect of functionality that static stations do, with the added benefits of mobility, versatility and optimized technology.

This Case Study has been provided by our sister company VisionID

The Solution

As leaders in Ireland’s Mobile Computing, Barcode and Data-Capture space, VisionID offers state-of-the-art solutions to both traditional Manufacturing and Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Medical) enterprises.

Whether your concern includes service headquarters, factory floors, workshops or all of the above, VisionID offers bespoke, fully customised solutions built to exact specifications that revolve around your unique needs and applications, allowing you to mobilise, optimise and streamline your daily operations like never before.

Our comprehensive range of wall mounts includes full computer mounts, which accommodate advanced computing in tight spaces like outside freezers, in crannies, corridors and quarantine areas, without compromising the advanced functionality of the static nerve-centre or desk.

Our Wall Mounts or Compact Workstations and Mobile Workstations will provide real-time wifi communication for operators from anywhere on your service or manufacturing floor; on your choice of full desktop PC, laptop, touch screen computer or thin client; all powered by our high performance portable battery packs which offer 6 hours of consistent work time per single charge.

Modular design means that our Mobile Stations will have no trouble being adapted with the expansion of tasks or a station change and, depending on your unique workplace requirements, peripherals such as local or wireless barcode printers, corded or cordless scanners, touch monitors or sanded monitors can seamlessly be added to an array.

We understand your business’s destiny of growth and adaptation, which is why we design Mobile workstations which have the capacity to grow right alongside you.

At VisionID, our passion is the design and crafting of products which outperform those that already exist in the market, at far more economical rates. VisionID will go out of its way to solve a customer requirement where no suitable product actually exists. Proof of this is in the fact that many of our most popular products began life as innovations driven by customer request.

Our innovative Mobile workstations have been successful, expense and time saving additions to the workplaces of a host of high profile clients in the Life Sciences, including Janssen Biologics.

As Robert Jones, VisionID’s Managing Director says, regarding the requirements that drive our success: “people are looking for big screen data capture and data entry on mobile workstations, for on-the-job applications of inputting information into ERP systems such as SAP or MES/Manufacturing Execution Systems, for which the screen size of the average mobile computer is just not sufficient.”

VisionID’s Mobile Workstations are now in high demand, with 600 units off the product line and counting. A comprehensiveselection of flexible accessories, innovative but simple modular design, along with rugged and durable construction work together to make the VisionID Mobile Workstation one of the most successful solutions on the market.

Key Features

Return On Investment

The challenge facing Janssen Biologics was finding a mobile solution for integration with their existing Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

According to leading biologics research group, Janssen Biologics: “Our MES system is the backbone of our manufacturing process here in Janssen biologics. A lot of our processes require monitoring and user input of information via barcode scanning of material and equipment information. The mobile workstation gives us the ability to move our EBRs (Electronic Batch Records) with our process and also to scan barcode information directly into our MES software. Given that we are using standard PC technology, no extra validation was required. We can also fire EBR’s in view screen, allowing us to review every detail, which is imperative in our industry.”