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The system is configured using ‘state of the art’ medical grade EN-6060-1 compliant battery technology meaning we can provide a solution with ZERO battery replacement costs over the life of the cart (typically 5-7 years) while still maintaining acceptable run times.

As all cell manufacturers calculate cycles differently, and usually in their own interests, it is misleading to compare them. Therefore, the only true measure is the levels of warranty provided based on time periods, not cycles.

To make things simple, we GUARANTEE that the batteries are still at more than 80% after 3 years, and will still be providing acceptable usage after 5 years regardless of cycles!

The modular system can be easily configured to cater for varying needs, with a single 80Wh battery powering a standard PC for up to 2 hours, right through to an 800Wh daisy chain, resulting in 20+hours of run time for a standard PC

Batteries can be charged in situ, desk chargers or wall chargers.

An Intuitive display means users can easily interpret current battery performance levels, including the remaining run time, charge state, battery percentage etc

The ID range of Medical Carts

The ID cart range from Kinetic-ID has been created specifically for use within healthcare environments and has been designed to provide the most modular and flexible solution on the market.


The ID-1 can support a wide range of Laptops, Tablets, and All In One PCs with integrated power. Our mounting solutions ensure IT is secure and cables are kept to a minimum assisting with cleaning and infection control.


The ID-3 has been designed for environments who require a light weight solution but also want the benefit of a powered cart. Built around our Kinetic power solution we can provide “state of the art” mobile power providing 80Wh, 160Wh or even 200Wh of power, all on a lightweight chassis.


The ID-5 has been built to take full advantage of the Kinetic-ID Battery system and provides full Hot Swap capabilities. We can provide anywhere from 80Wh through to 800Wh ensuring the most suitable configuration for your requirements.

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