As healthcare providers, our duty is much about streamlining processes for caregivers as it is about minimizing patient stress and patient risk. Kinetic-ID and our partners at Zebra strive to address this by eliminating the occurrence of mistakes during the course of specimen collection and testing at, as well as during the transport of specimens to and from healthcare facilities.

Beyond the inconvenience these mistakes pose for both patients and staff, the mental and medical consequences for patients can be catastrophic; not to mention the financial fallout of error, which results in a staggering $400 million in recovery costs to hospitals on annual basis.

Given that the body of these mistakes occurs during the three-step process of patient ID confirmation; patient-specimen correlation; and the corroboration of specimens, results and patient records, it falls to us and our partners to address these issues with mobile workspace solutions…right there, at these critical points of care.

By automating the specimen labeling and correlation process, with the assistance of specific mobility tools (including mobile workstations, mobile computers, mobile printers, and quality labeling), we ensure that proper labeling at points of care becomes mandatory, easy and effective.

To discover how Kinetic-ID and Zebra can help you to reduce high-stakes errors and maximize your budget through speed, accuracy, and confidence, read more here.