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The ability to work dynamically in any manufacturing environment has helped to improve efficiency, reducesdowntime and keeps operators focused on value-added activities.

The KineticID ID-5s facilitates this further by mobilising all the essential equipment needed by each user to do their job faster, with no downtime and minimal input error.

Hot swap capabilities and the ability to add additional hardware means each Mobile Workstationcan easily adapt to fit the precise needs of any working environment.

Stay connected while seamlessly moving an entire workstation to the point of use.
Remove the key inefficiencies, downtime and errors caused by manual input normally associated to fixed point work stations.

These improvements mean the KineticID ID-5s can offer a full return on investment in as little as 7 months.



The Kinetic-ID Cart seamlessly integrates into your companies’ existing infrastructure, it keeps the operator connected to all business information in real time, removing operator errors and speeding the input process. The Kinetic Power battery technology offers both daisy chain and hot-swap technology, keeping each cart running 24/7.


  • A cost-effective flexible alternative to fixed workstations.
  • Connects staff to critical information while on the move.
  • Removes the need for costly cable drops for power and Ethernet to fixed workstations.
  • Easily deployed and integrated into existing infrastructure.
  • Increases productivity as workstations move with the staff as they perform their operational tasks.
  • Improves processes by reducing the need for staff to repeatedly return to fixed terminals to update information.
  • Increase Uptime using interchangeable batteries for 24/7 operations.
  • Sweating the asset – eliminates underutilized duplicated fixed workstations.
  • If the lines change the carts are always reusable as flexible furniture.
  • No trip hazards from cables
  • Time saved as workers no longer need to walk to and from fixed terminals.
  • Easily deployed and integrated into a manufacturing infrastructure giving flexibility.


The Kinetic-ID Mobile Workstation adapts to the specific requirements of both the operator and the business requirements. the plug and play capabilities normally associated with a fixed terminal is now mobile.
Add scanners, printers and any other devices that will help to improve the productivity of each and every operator


  • Multi-screen capabilities and twin screening applications.
  • Mobile computing with full-screen ERP, printing, data capture via scanning or RFID on the move.
  • Wireless connectivity with real-time data capture to back end systems such as MES and ERP anywhere within the facility.
  • MES, ERP, EBR and SOP while on the move.
  • EBR and SOP on twin screens over WIFI on the mobile work station.
  • ERP, SAP and ORACLE operations on a large screen.
  • MES, CAMSTAR, and WERUM operations on a large screen.
  • Real-time data capture providing accurate information to staff throughout the facility.
  • Limitless configuration options due to the modular design.
  • Hot swappable battery model 24/7 availability/uptime.
  • Hassle-free set-up bespoke turnkey solutions.
  • Ergonomic design.



Our unique dispensing system maximizes storage and minimizes floor space. This system is supported by our complete range of carts and can be supplied as a single drawer, through to a full tower.


We can supply a range of infection control keyboards. Please contact us for more information.


All of our carts can be supplied with a choice of work surface colours,


All of our carts share the same range of brackets for Printers, Scanners and Sharps Bins etc. Please contact us for more details.

Industrial Grade Battery Technology –


The system is configured using ‘state of the art’ medical grade EN-6060-1 compliant battery technology meaning we can provide a solution with ZERO battery replacement costs over the life of the cart (typically 5-7 years) while still maintaining acceptable run times.

As all cell manufacturers calculate cycles differently, and usually in their own interests, it is misleading to compare them. Therefore, the only true measure is the levels of warranty provided based on time periods, not cycles.

To make things simple, we GUARANTEE that the batteries are still at more than 80% after 3 years, and will still be providing acceptable usage after 5 years regardless of cycles!

Support for third
party hardware


In addition to multiple screens, the Kinetic-ID ID-5s also facilities the full range of data capture and printing solutions from Zebra technologies. Our battery technology means each workstation can power multiple devices and the hot swap capabilities means zero downtime.

The ability to add external devices has been the key requirement in the design process, meaning minimal loss of working space while still offering all the form and function needed by the operator.


Kinetic Power is a modular medical grade battery system designed for use across the hospital environment. It can be fitted to new OR exiting computer carts, medical equipment, hospital beds or any other devices that could benefit from a modular standardized suite of battery solutions.




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