ID-1  Mobile Cart

A typical mobile healthcare cart is used 4 hours a day, 5 days a week over the life of the IT (Typically 5 years). This actually means that someone will spend 260 Hours standing in front of the device (nearly 44 days). Therefore comfort and ease of use are of paramount importance.  Our ID-1 has been designed with users in mind. Multiple mounts for a wide range of IT hardware means we will always be able to provide a suitable solution. The height adjustable mechanism can either be a standard gas strut or an independently powered automatic mechanism

ID-3  Mobile Cart

The ID-3 has been designed for environments who require a light weight solution but also want the benefit of a powered cart.

Built around our Kinetic power solution we can provide “state of the art” mobile power providing 80Wh, 160Wh or even 200Wh of power, all on a lightweight chassis.

ID-5  Mobile Cart

The ID-5 has been built to take full advantage of the Kinetic-ID Battery system and provides full Hot Swap capabilities. We can provide anywhere from 80Wh through to 800Wh ensuring the most suitable configuration for your requirements.  

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