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In the Medical Mobility and IT Solutions field, we have no choice but to stay right on the pulse of our industry. That’s because our clients can’t afford anything less than the cutting edge of technology and convenience, when it comes to meeting the needs of an ever expanding patient and customer base. In this section we provide insight into an industry that waits for no-one, to show you the developments and demands that drive both our designs and our services at Kinetic-ID.


Case Studies

It’s easy to talk a big game but, in this industry, failing to deliver on promises could directly affect the delivery and outcome of treatments that real lives depend on. We understand the need of our clients to establish trust ahead of any transaction and we aim to do this, in part, by providing real-life examples and case studies that show you the effectiveness of our solutions in action.


Our Clients

Transparency is vital when it comes to providing solutions to Medical and Life-science enterprises like your own. In this section we introduce you to our existing clients, companies and institutes, much like yours, that we have helped to transform, streamline and optimise. This should not only give you an idea of the diversity and scope of our experience, it should also make it clear to you that we are experts and leaders in our field.

Case Studies

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Industry Insight

Medical Battery Dilemma

Medical Battery Dilemma

Going digital with a new workflow, carts, software, IT onboard and batteries is not cheap. Battery power seems relatively unimportant and expensive to those finally making the purchase decision. Yet, software aside, it is the most frequently documented point of failure on powered Hospital carts.

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