With shrinking staff counts, growing patient populations and the logistical challenges of a geographically dispersed region, care homes in Torbay and South Devon have had their hands full in recent years.

To meet these mounting challenges, Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have been hard-pressed to develop new, community-centered models of care, to alleviate the need for unnecessary hospital visits and patient-admissions and, certainly, the need for time-consuming house calls.

With the assistance of Kinetic-ID mobile workstations and technologies (such as screen top cameras and headsets) provided by our Partners, the Trust has created a platform for seamless, real-time interaction between facilities, clinicians and their patients, that effectively erases many of these geographic and logistical concerns.

Cross-functional professionals can now confer virtually, bringing GPs in when necessary and eliminating the time-drain of frequent, in-person meetings. Additionally, patients can enjoy the benefits and convenience of virtual house-calls, with no need for protracted referral processes and stressful visits, especially when time may be in short supply.

To learn more about how the NHS Foundation Trust, Kinetic-ID and Partners are saving time, money and lives in Torbay and South Devon, read the full article here.