Worcester Royal Hospital Neonatal: Embracing The Digital Age

BBC Radio personality, Malcom Boyden, recently presented a segment to shed light on an exciting new initiative, being implemented at Worchester Royal Hospital.

The hospital’s forward-thinking Neonatal Unit’s innovative use of iPads, in conjunction with Kinetic-ID’s mobile cart systems, is now offering new mums and dads the opportunity to live-stream a video-feed of new-borns who’ve been placed in isolation, due to premature birth and other health concerns.

BBC’s Claudia Berry was on location to learn more from Ward manager, Anya Wright, about how this new innovation works, as well as the impact it’s having on new mothers, forced to spend time apart from their little ones, during those critical first days of bonding…

Listeners learned how sets of two customized Kinetic-ID mobile carts, fitted with iPad stands and iPads, are positioned; one in the Neonatal Unit, facing the relevant newborn’s cot; one in the delivery suite or theatre recovery, where mums and dads remain post-birth. The iPad’s are connected via wifi and a live-feed is streamed to anxious parent’s keen to keep watch on baby’s precious first moments, hours and days. The first feeds have been met with tremendous gratitude and smiles from all those concerned.

This heartwarming new use of technology is a big step up from the previous system, where nurses would capture and print still pictures of newborns and shuffle them over to the parent’s ward. The initiative is not stopping there, however, according to the facility’s digital strategist, Jas Cartwright, as Worcester Royal has plans to expand the use of this live-streaming feature to benefit a range of patients and family members, also forced to deal with separation during critical times.

Whats next?

Jas confirmed that this Neonatal success was a trial run for a much larger expansion plan. The hospital now aims to extend this service to mums who’re sent home, while their babies are forced to remain in hospital care; patients of other ages, who’ve been separated from their families by illness or trauma; as well as outpatients who find it difficult or may be unable to make the trip to see their clinician in person.

At Kinetic-ID, we’re delighted to play a role in this rewarding initiative and gratified to see how hospitals are embracing the digital age, to better care for patients and their loved ones.

Listen to the full BBC interview here

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