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WRH Neonatal

WRH Neonatal

Kinetic-ID has always been dedicated to streamlining and optimizing workspaces for clinicians and caregivers, who give their utmost on a daily basis, in stressful healthcare environments. A driving force of this dedication is the desire to eliminate stress for caregivers, allowing them to provide the highest quality and the warmest care to patients who look to them in times of need.

Especially rewarding, however, is the opportunity to be involved in projects that extend the quality of care for patients, through technology and innovation, along with a good old-fashioned helping of thoughtfulness.

The Neonatal Department at Worcester Royal Hospital recently afforded us just such an opportunity, by offering iPads & live video calls to new parents who’ve been separated from their new-borns during those precious first hours or days, following premature birth and/or other complications.

With the help of our Kinetic-ID carts and the generous funding of LMNS, new mums (and dads), at WRH Neonatal, will no longer miss out on those poignant first moments of bonding, so essential to the wellbeing of both parent and child. We extend our thanks to Worcester Royal Hospital, for allowing us to be involved in such a fulfilling and heartwarming experience.

To learn more about how patients have responded to this new treasure, read the full article here.