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Kinetic- ID

The ID range of Medical Carts
The ID cart range from Kinetic-ID has been created specifically for use within healthcare environments and has been designed to provide the most modular and flexible solution on the market.


The ID-1 can support a wide range of Laptops, Tablets, and All In One PCs with integrated power. Our mounting solutions ensure IT is secure and cables are kept to a minimum assisting with cleaning and infection control.


The ID-3 has been designed for environments who require a light weight solution but also want the benefit of a powered cart. Built around our Kinetic power solution we can provide “state of the art” mobile power providing 80Wh, 160Wh or even 200Wh of power, all on a lightweight chassis.


The ID-5 has been built to take full advantage of the Kinetic-ID Battery system and provides full Hot Swap capabilities. We can provide anywhere from 80Wh through to 800Wh ensuring the most suitable configuration for your requirements.
The power to make a difference!
Kinetic Power is a modular medical grade battery system designed for use across the hospital environment. It can be fitted to new OR exiting computer carts, medical equipment, hospital beds or any other devices that could benefit from a modular standardized suite of battery solutions.

The Power to make a difference 

Full range of Zebra's products for the Healthcare sector

The Power to make a difference 

About Kinetic-ID
Formed to provide market leading mobility solutions, combining best of breed IT with our own products, designed specifically for each market vertical and driven by constant innovation and design.

When working with prospective customers, we call on more than 50 years combined experience to ensure we provide the most suitable solution for their specific needs, acting with integrity and professionalism throughout all aspects of the design and consultancy phase, through to deployment and aftercare sales.

Innovation and Design is part of our DNA and this is something we take seriously; all of our products have been built specifically to solve a particular problem or need and we will continue to innovate to ensure our products develop and evolve at the same pace as the market demands.

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A typical mobile healthcare cart is used for at least 4 hours a day, 7 days a week over the life of the IT (Typically 5-7 years). This actually means that someone will spend more than 7280 Hours standing in front of the device (more than 300 days).

Therefore, comfort and ease of use are of paramount importance. Our powered medical carts have been designed to ensure the best possible working environment for clinicians and caregivers we pay particular attention to ergonomics, ease of use, infection prevention and longevity ensuring the investment is protected over the life of the cart.

Everything we do at Kinetic-ID is driven by the need to ensure our solutions excel in each an every working environment.

When we design a cart, we aim to understand the workflow required once the cart is in service, this includes a complete understanding of what is required from the IT equipment which includes run time, accessories, future changes ETC,

Once we have fully understood the requirements from a hardware perspective, we will then build a solution around one of our 3 core base solutions.

Our ID-1 cart allows us to provide an extremely mobile, lightweight platform to build a solution on. we can configure this to be manual or automatically height adjustable, it can be configured as a PC Cart. Laptop Cart, Medical Device Cart or even a mixture of technologies.

Our ID 3 cart combines the benefits of the Lightweight ID-1 cart with our industry-leading medical grade hot swappable battery technology to provide a highly flexible solution that can again be configured as a PC Cart (Computer on Wheels), Laptop Cart, Tablet Cart etc. It can also be configured to become the most comprehensive All In One solution on the market.

Our ID-5 is designed to bring all the benefits of a traditional PC Cart (computer on wheels), but with the added benefit of being built around our Kinetic-Power system. This enables us to provide true 24/7 Hot Swap solutions.

All three base models can be configured with a wide range of drawer systems ensuring they can be tailored for use as dispensing, Phlebotomy, EPR and PAS carts, ensuring we can support all aspects of EPMA roll outs now, and in the future.